Property Brothers Software | Using The Architecture Rendering As A Competitive Advantage

April 29, 2016/ Joshua Hale

"What If" scenarios like this computer generated image above communicate the vision of designers to their intended audience.

The Property Brothers have figured out the secret to hooking clients and making sales. Twin brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott, are savvy. They use their combined powers of contracting and real estate to give buyers exactly what they want in a home. In their television program on HGTV, they specialize in taking properties that need a lot of help and transforming them into something that is amazing.

An architecture rendering is one of the best tools that they use to capture their clients' attention. An architecture rendering uses 3D software that creates an alter image of a home after improvements have been made. Today's computer animation is so advanced and authentic, it looks like a real home and can offer home buyers their dream come true.

Real Estate Developers Can Borrow A Page From The Property Brothers


A realistic architecture rendering makes it possible to truly deliver a "What You See Is What You Get" experience.

There is no doubt that the Property Brothers are on to something good. On a weekly basis, they convince prospective buyers to buy an affordable home that needs an overhaul and the architecture rendering is the biggest selling point.

For anyone involved in real estate, from real estate agents to real estate developers, using architecture rendering can make it possible to see a major return on investments.

While architecture renderings aren't free, they are a small amount in the grand scheme of things. Help clients to see past the way a property looks now in order to envision what it can be with some TLC. If it works for the Property Brothers, it can work for anyone.

Tap Into The Full Potential Of A Property

Give clients a chance to see how their dreams can become reality and they will be sold. Through the use of highly advanced software, it is possible to take customers on a virtual tour room by room, showing off all the improvements and renovations that are possible. Use their input to tailor the computerized rendering to meet their expectations. It is much easier to strike a deal when consumers know exactly what they are getting into with a real estate development project. In the end, there will be no surprises. They will get what they want out of a property while the real estate developer seals another deal. As an added bonus developers will be able to add another success story to their gallery for future customers to see.

The Rise of Virtual Reality

One recent development that has tremendous implications for the real estate industry is the rise of virtual reality.  Virtual reality, or VR for short, has distinct advantages over architectural renderings like the Property  Brothers use.  First of all, VR has the ability to accurately communicate scale.  This is important because scale communicates to use the feeling of how big, small, open, or confined a space is.  

Secondly, VR has the ability to look in every direction in 3D (or more specifically stereoscopic).  3D, or stereoscopic, images allow you to see 'depth' in a scene.  This is also important for communicating scale as you are able to determine how close or far away certain scene elements are.  

If you want to know more about VR and it's implications for the real estate industry I strongly encourage you to sign up for our FREE course on real estate virtual reality.  It's completely free and all you need to do is click the graphic below.